Van Andel Propane will be closed July 4-5, 2024 in observance of the holiday.

Programs Available

Residential Propane Gas Services and Programs

Van Andel Propane can supply all your propane needs. We offer a variety of service plans, tank types, sizes and installation, products and accessories, and payment options to fit your needs. Our fleet of bulk delivery trucks provides reliable delivery to keep you properly supplied with propane.

Automatic Fill Service

Worry-free convenience and the same great service! With our Auto-Fill program, you place the responsibility of monitoring your propane tank level on us. Van Andel Propane uses computer software to project when you are going to need more propane, which helps make us more efficient. We pass these savings on to you.

Pre-Buy Program

Purchase your entire propane supply in advance at a locked-in price before the heating season begins with our convenient Pre-Buy program. You pre-purchase the desired quantity of gas then draw off of that supply as needed. A 500-gallon minimum purchase applies. Most Pre-Buy customers also enroll in our worry-free Automatic Fill Service.

Call-In (Will Call) Service

Call-in service is more expensive per gallon than our Automatic Fill Service. This service allows you to control when deliveries are made. Once you place an order for propane, delivery will occur within seven (7) working days. To make sure you do not run out of gas, it is important to order when your tank gauge reads 30%. This allows sufficient time for next delivery in your area. An additional charge may be assessed if you run out of gas or request emergency delivery.

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